Collage with Handwriting and Printed Plastic

Collage with split painted circle 001 for web

Words, Patterns, Proximity.

Collage with Watercolour, Printed Plastic, Sand, Acrylic


Sometimes i like to draft poems by writing with a brush. As you can see, I decided to slice up an old draft, and intersperse it with one of the patterns I had painted (each with diluted black watercolour).

The bits of blue printed type are just the cut ups of a used plastic bag. Rather than do a grid pattern over the whole piece, I chose to leave a diagonal space, and then got the idea to cut a circle from an old painted texture I did last year, with sand texture gel and acrylic.

My little circle cutter tool is just like a protractor with a blade, and is very easy on my hands. I cut the circle in two to make it more interesting, and placed each half back-to-back, well, just to see what the effect would be. As I stood back and contemplated, it made me thing of the data stream of media on the internet, and how two sides of the world can be near and far at the same time.



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